Our Fellows


Mihai Popescu, GCF Fellow Mihai Popescu
2016 Fellow


Mihai completed a Bachelor of Arts in History and a minor in Central and East European Studies at UCLA. He is what some would call an “ideological visionary” who believes that change comes from notions that shoot for the stars, but he wholeheartedly believe that those who seek change must think big, not small. Mihai believes that the nature of our progress begins with big ideas supported by sensible pragmatism. After graduation, he intends to go to law school and specialize in international treaty law to serve and empower those who deserve justice and equality.

During his gap year abroad in Romania, Mihai decided to forego any formal, institutionalized education, and instead immersed himself into public service. For a period of 6 months, Mihai volunteered at the Emergency Country Hospital of Piatra Neamt under the General Surgery Medical Unit, working both day and night shifts with the medical staff to provide patients with the best care possible. Additionally, he worked with local high school students to create free of charge English tutoring and immersion classes with the scope of going on field trips and speak only English, as a way for them to practice their language skills in “real world” settings.

Project: Raising Awareness for First Aid and CPR

Mihai has a strong belief that healthcare should be a right of all people, and that everyone should have the most basic knowledge when it comes to First Aid and CPR. As the 2016 Global Citizens Fellow, Mihai traveled to Piatra Neamt, Romania, where he worked on a grassroots campaign  to educate and inform the population about the undeniable benefits of knowing how to administer First Aid and CPR. There, Mihai worked with teachers, doctors, volunteers, and local news agencies (television and newspaper) to spread the message and teach those valuable skills.

For more information about Mihai's project, see this video.